General Info on Hosting a Wildtree Freezer Meal workshop

26 Jun


How does a Wildtree Workshop work?

A Wildtree Freezer Meal Workshop is very simple to pull together.  An easy beverage and a small snack is all you really need to provide as this is a “work” shop and our time together will be spent prepping meals.  Each guest will need a workstation.  A dining room table, &/or kitchen counter space works great.  Your Wildtree Representative will arrive about 20 minutes before your guests to set up each workstation with the Wildtree Products purchased for the Workshop.  Once your guests arrive, your Wildtree Representative will guide everyone though each recipe until all 10 meals have been complete.  This process usually takes about 60-90 minutes depending on the number of guests you have and how much fun “chatter” is going on.

The workshop itself is VERY laid back.  Overall the total length of the party is about two hours.  Of the two hours, I only talk for about 15 minutes in the beginning.  The rest of the time is spent prepping meals and chatting.  During this time, if so desired, I am also available to answer questions that people have regarding their cooking needs and recipe ideas….I have plenty!

What does a hostess receive for hosting a workshop? Of course the best benefit of hosting a workshop is having a really fun time with all of the people you love to be around- friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and other acquaintances.  As a hostess, you will also be richly rewarded for hosting your workshop.  With the minimum of 7 paid participants, as the hostess, your workshop bundle is FREE.  If your guests choose to purchase more than the bundle and/or you have more than 8 paid participants, you may also receive additional Wildtree Product of your choice depending on the total sales of the workshop.  This amount will be determined prior to the order deadline.

What does a Wildtree guest walk away with? Besides having a great time prepping meals for their family, a guest is walking away with 10 meals to put in their freezer along with the leftover Wildtree product they purchased from their bundle.  These meals are designed to provide a family of 4-6 with a main entrée making it very easy to just add a simple salad or vegetable to complete their meal.  They also gain information on how meal planning and preparing freezer meals can help tame the dinnertime chaos and help reduce the family food budget while making an impact on their health.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I bring my children?

Due to the nature of a workshop (knives, glass bottles, limited space and supervision) this is an adult only event.  Should you choose to have a babysitter available for your guests, it needs to be understood that children cannot be in the workshop area.

What if I have some or all of the Wildtree Products in the bundle?

You have the option of “switching” products by choosing other items of equal value from the catalog.

Can I share my product bundle with a friend so we both can make the 10 meals at the workshop?

Included in the purchased workshop bundle, your Wildtree Representative will be providing additional items to complete the meals along with a complete list of recipes, labels for your meals and a freezer meal inventory sheet.  Each participant is required to purchase his or her own bundle.

I have a small family; can I split the protein in each recipe and come with 20 bags?

To keep the flow of the workshop moving, 10 meals per participant is ideal.  You can prep 20 bags of protein, leaving 10 at home to complete after the workshop.

I may not have time to prepare my protein before the workshop.  Can I cut and prepare my protein at the workshop?

For the cleanliness and safety of other participants, all protein must be prepped and in the freezer bags prior to the workshop.  There CANNOT be any handling of meat during the workshop.  If you don’t have your protein prepped, you can still participate by completing the meals in each bag and adding your protein when you get home.

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